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The Brooks Cabins

The Kelley Family bought the property in 2003. The Brooks family owned the land from the earliest 1800's.  Connie & Nerce Brooks were the last of  the Brooks family to live on the property and there are great stories from neighbors in regards to both. Connie & Nerce were Brother & Sister. Neither ever married. Connie lived in the cabin with the bathroom (Master Cabin) and Nerce lived in the cabin with the kitchen (Living Cabin). We chose to restore the cabins in 2007 with the talent of 2 local craftsman to insure that we maintained the integrity of the structures and the construction to that era.  


Kelley Acres is comprised of 17.8 acres of various terrain. A beautiful white pine forest, old oak growth, and 3 large fields. The larger field has been planted with 1/2 acre of HOPS of 5 varieties; Cascade, Chinook, Zeus, Nugget and 3 experimental HOPS; Amalia, Neo-1 and Multihead.  

Full Kitchen
WIFI 250/250
Firepit & Zen porch
Bike or Walk The Area
Coming SOON
Bathroom in each Cabin
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